Argumentation in Context


  • From semantics to speech acts in context (Eddo Rigotti, Andrea Rocci), 10h, 1 ECTS, 2012
  • The study of reasoning in socio-cultural context (A.-N. Perret-Clermont, A. Iannaccone), 10h, 1 ECTS, spring 2012
  • Pragmatic Inference (L. de Saussure, S. Oswald), 10h, 1 ECTS, 2 spring 012
  • Formal and informal logic (J. Freeman), 10h, 1 ECTS, spring 2012
  • Fundamentals of argumentation theory, 15h, 1.5 ECTS, spring 2012
  • Integrating dialectic and rhetoric in the study of argumentative discourse (F. van Eemeren, B. Garssen), 20h, 2 ECTS, fall 2012
  • Argument schemes: theory, analysis and evaluation (E. Rigotti, S. Greco-Morasso), 20h, 2 ECTS, fall 2012
  • Argumentation in the public sphere (T. Goodnight), 10h, 1 ECTS, spring 2013
  • Decision and knowledge in asymmetric argumentative interactions (P. Riley), 10h, 1 ECTS, spring 2013
  • Institutions and actors in argumentative contexts (A. Lomi), 10h, 1 ECTS, spring 2013
  • Courses in the domain-related disciplines, spring 2013
  • Argumentation: Dialectical and rhetorical analysis and evaluation (Prof. dr. Frans H. van Eemeren), 14 hours, 1,5 ECTS, Fall 2015


  • Qualitative methods for the analysis of situated argumentative interactions (M. Grossen, N. Muller Mirza), 1h, 1.5 ECTS, spring 2013
  • Discourse/corpus analysis for studies in argumentation (A. Rocci, F. Snoeck Henkemans), 20h, 2 ECTS, fall 2013


  • Thematic School on Practical Reasoning (F. van Eemeren, D. Walton & F. Macagno, E. Rigotti, A. Rocci, J. Saagua), 10h, 2 ECTS, spring 2012
  • Thematic School on knowledge oriented argumentation (A.N. Perret-Clermont, A. Iannaccone), 15h, 1.5 ECTS, fall 2013
  • Thematic School on argumentation quality in context: evaluation, design and best practices (F. van Eemeren & B. Meuffels, M. Aakhus, D. Zaresfky, S. Greco Morasso, C. Reed), 20h, 2 ECTS, spring 2014


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