Psychological Counselling Service

  • The Psychological Counselling Service has been created in cooperation with the ATP (Association of Psychologist of Ticino) with the aim of facilitating access to professionals in the field of psychology.
  • What is Psychological Counselling?
  • Psychological Counselling is a way of asking for help in a moment of personal struggle.
  • Emotional distress may come in different forms and degrees, from a short term to a more complicated and long- lasting discomfort. When a disorder or a problem interferes with the daily routine affecting relationships, family, the workplace or school, the person in need can turn to a professional psychologist. Psychological counselling can focus on defining and solving specific problems, from decision making to crisis management.
  • Psychological Counselling puts a focus on problems and helps finding solutions in different areas of life, facilitating adjustment and helping overcome obstacles.
  • Together, concrete goals and feasible deadlines are set.
  • Evaluation, diagnostic classification and reclaiming are the initial tools used to determine whether or not to seek professional counselling in case it's needed.
  • Psychological counselling is not a service free of charages, it is covered by the complementary health insurance when provided by professional psychotherapists authorised by the canton.
  • For further information and if interested please refer to

Associazione ticinese psicologi
CP 112-6850 Mendrisio Borgo
Tel. +41 079 441 66 04