The organization of the Faculty of Communication Sciences


The Faculty’s governing bodies are the Council of Professors, the Faculty Council and the Dean's office.

The Council of Professors consists of full and associate professors, ordinary and extraordinary.

The Faculty Council consists of full, associate, assistant professors, and adjunct professors. The representatives of the intermediate body and of the student body are also members of the Faculty Council.

The Dean's office, nominated by the Faculty Council, consist of the Dean and two Vice-Dean.


Scientific research is mostly carried out within research institutes and laboratories/observatories:

  • Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics (IALS)
  • Institute for Public Communication (ICP)
  • Institute of Communication and Health (ICH)
  • Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA)
  • Institute for Media and Journalism (IMeG)
  • Institute for Communication Technologies (ITC)
  • Institute of Italian Studies (ISI)
  • Laboratorio di Studi Civili (LSC)
  • Laboratorio di Studi Mediterranei (LSM)
  • Laboratorio per l'Argomentazione nei Contesti della Pubblica Sfera (LACoPS)
  • New Media in Education Laboratory (NewMinE Lab)
  • The European Journalism Observatory (EJO)
  • China Media Observatory (CMO)
  • Swiss Corporate Communication and Public Relations Observatory (SCCPRO)
  • Technology Enhanced Communication Laboratory (TEC-Lab)