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Three lectures with Gilles Kepel on the dynamics behind the "Arab Springs"

The series of public lectures on the Middle East Mediterranean (MEM) given by renown arabist and political scientist Gilles Kepel continues with a sequence of three essays on the dynamics behind the so-called “Arab Springs”, starting Thursday, February 22, at 6:30PM at the Lugano Campus Auditorium with a lecture on the origins, the developments and consequences of the upheavals in North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya). 

The lectures dedicated to the upheavals in the MEM region will continue on March 8 with an essay on the case of the Arabian Peninsula and, on April 12, of the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean region). 

All essays will be lectured in English and are part of the series “Inside the MEM”, organised by the Middle East Mediterranean Freethinking Platform (MEM), the new platform of discussion on the Middle East Mediterranean created by USI to encourage a critical and participative look at the events that are transforming this region and shaping the European continent. 

The series “Inside the MEM” runs until the end of May 2018 and will also feature guest speakers. The full program is available at: 

Participants are required to register to take part in the free public lecture series: 

Further information on the MEM Platform at: