Faculty’s Institutes and Laboratories

The Faculty considers scientific research, whether pure or applied, of the utmost importance. For this reason, the Faculty is engaged in numerous research and development projects both at the Swiss and at the international level, many of which involve the Faculty’s hallmark interdisciplinary approach.
The Faculty has inaugurated six institutes related to the broad groups of disciplines and their fields of application in which it is primarily interested, to further the planning and development of research:

The institutes promote the Faculty’s fundamental scientific principles, undertake research projects, and also coordinate their research activities with those taking place in the institutes of other universities, companies and institutions, thus establishing the Faculty within an international, national and local context.
The Faculty has also set up a number of laboratories and observatories, for the study of more specific topics than those dealt with by the Institutes, or of issues that are common to all. The research of each of them is centred around a set of projects, linked by strong epistemological and methodological ties. The following laboratories and observatories are currently active within the Faculty:

Inactive laboratories and observatories

  • Epistemology of Communication Sciences (EpiCentre) (from 2001 to 2011)