Research at the Faculty of Communication Sciences

The Faculty is fundamentally committed to scientific research with a view to validating its teaching content and directing its students towards critical analysis and experimental work.

The Faculty is involved in numerous research and development projects at both the Swiss and the international level. The Faculty’s usual interdisciplinary approach and the dynamic way in which teachers and staff interact and compare notes make the kind of unique contribution that both theoretical and applied communication research projects are ever more in need of.

The University’s philosophy revolves around the ability and the desire to observe how studies about communication can produce synergies and links between different disciplines, and this makes for an innovative and ever more relevant contribution to scientific research. Moreover, the Faculty aims to disseminate and promote results and discussion topics in which it is directly involved: this has led to the publication of the international journal “Studies in Communication Sciences”, which publishes high quality articles in all areas of communication, from linguistics to communication technologies, business communication, mass communication, sociology and psychology.