PhD's degrees from the Faculty of Communication Sciences

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Communication Sciences

The PhD programme in Communication Sciences is open to graduate students holding a Master degree in Communication Sciences or an equivalent degree in analogous disciplines. The programme includes advanced studies into the foundations of communication sciences, training in research methods, and individual research work under the supervision of a faculty member.

PhD in Italian language, literature and civilization

The PhD program in Italian Language, Literature and Civilization is open to candidates holding a Master's degree in Italian studies (language, literature and culture), or an equivalent academic degree.
The objective of the PhD program, organized by the Istituto di studi italiani, at the UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana, is to promote research in the areas that make up Italian studies (language, literature, history and arts), and to develop research skills in new generations of scholars. Whithin a three year period, the PhD candidate will write a doctoral thesis under the supervision of a Faculty member of the Istituto di Studi italiani, and will frequent a program of courses offered either by the Institute or by the Faculty of Communication Sciences.