Scuola dottorale confederale

Scuola dottorale confederale in Civiltà italiana
The graduate school "Scuola dottorale confederale in Civiltà italiana" has been founded in 2013 and is coordinated by the Istituto di studi italiani (ISI) in collaboration with the Institute for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture (ISA, USI Academy of Architecture). It is promoted by the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS) and financed by the Swiss University Conference (CUS).
This joint graduate program aims to improve the dialogue between PhD students from different universities (in Switzerland and abroad) who develop a PhD thesis in the field of Italian culture, including the areas of Literature, Linguistics, History of Art and Architecture and Musicology. The program creates a platform for young researchers to discuss their PhD research with a large group of specialists, paying attention to methodological diversity and exploring the intersections between the Arts within Italian culture.