Academic curricula

The Faculty of Communication Sciences follows the Bologna Convention in articulating its study programmes into three levels: a core three year period (Bachelor’s / three year degree), a two-year specialization period (Master’s / specialist degree) and finally a three year doctorate for those who want to extend and deepen their research.

The first three years, which lead to a Bachelor’s degree, carry a total workload evaluation of 180 ECTS credits. Their primary aim is to ensure that the student gains a solid and reasonably complete theoretical and methodological foundation in the disciplines that make up the central nucleus of the communication sciences (the common core). In view of the essential link between communication its context, the three year degree also brings relevant cultural and economic contexts of communication (such as the media, businesses and public institutions) into sharp focus. Students will then be able to develop their own areas of specialization by identifying and further extending their knowledge of these various contexts of communication.

The two-year specialization leads to a Master’s degree, and ensures that the student acquires a solid and rich professional background in one of the contexts of communication. The Faculty offers numerous Master’s programmes, each with its own well defined scientific and professional profile. The programmes are designed for a limited number of students so that every Master’s study course can bring really effective interactions with the teachers and with the other students.

The Master’s programmes on offer were partly planned and are run in collaboration with USI’s Faculty of Economic Sciences and with other faculties from other universities.

Study programme (pdf)