Master of Science in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage (TEC-CH)

L'ultima edizione del Master in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage (TEC-CH) è stata attivata nell'anno accademico 2010/11.

Descrizione e piano di studi dell'ultima edizione

Students receive a comprehensive preparation which combines knowledge and practical skills at the confluence of the disciplines of Communication Science, Technology, Design, Education, Interaction Design, Management and Economics.

The knowledge component includes:

  • Cultural Heritage (CH) and related fields such as marketing, legal issues (e.g., intellectual property rights management), economics, eLearning, and international tourism
  • Communication Science (from foundations to best practices)
  • Computer Science (Informatics) and related new media technologies (multimedia authoring, the Web, Web 2.0, mobile devices, podcasting, and interactive installations)
  • Experience, interaction and exhibition design.

The skills component includes all stages of the development life cycle of media products:

  • Conception of high-level communication strategies for technology-based experiences
  • Design of user-centred, technology-based experiences
  • Creation of content suitable for technology-based experiences
  • Use of tools for production of multimedia content
  • Analysis and evaluation of multimedia applications, usability and user-testing.

TEC-CH graduates are eligible for leadership or project management positions for digital and interactive media projects in the cultural field. Depending on the emphasis of their study plan, they may also work as educators, content developers, producers of interpretive media, or communication specialists in the Cultural, Tourism or Marketing sectors.