Key figures of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society: staff


Academic staff includes faculty, researchers, and assistants.

According to the USI Statute, faculty includes:

  • Professors (full, associate);
  • Assistant professors;
  • Lecturers (with annual or semiannual contract);
  • Lecturer-researchers (with multi-year contract).

Lecturers and lecturer-researchers may obtain the title of “Adjunct professor”. For the purpose of statistics, the category "Professors" refers to all tenured faculty – full, associate, assistant, and adjunct professors. 

According to the USI Statute, the category “Assistants” includes the following:

  • assistants;
  • research and scientific assistants;
  • teaching assistants;
  • language lecturers.

There are three categories of assistants: doctoral assistants, post-doctoral assistants, and “Maître-assistant” (assistant lecturer).

Administrative staff refers to services; according to the USI Statute, it includes members in:

  • administration offices;
  • the university library;
  • logistics.