Domestic violence and language


Institutional Communication Service

20 April 2022

A panel discussion on "Domestic Violence and Language" will take place on Monday, 16 May 2022, from 6:30 pm in the Auditorium of the USI West Campus. The event is part of the activities of the Cultural Project of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, "Convergence and Distance". The initiative stems from the joint work of two research groups that are part of the project, "Contagion and contact" and "Convergence and distance of people and stories: storytelling, conflict and restorative justice". It is developed in collaboration with the "Swiss Forum for Restorative Justice".  

In line with the university's third mandate, the evening seeks to promote an open exchange with the public and the institutions of the region on a topical and pressing issue such as domestic violence. The author, Raffaella Scarpa, will address the issue by shining a light on language as a consequence of exerting power.  


After the initial greetings by:  

  • Sonja Hildebrand, USI Pro-Rector for Research in the Humanities and Equal Opportunities, and  
  • Federica De Rossa, Associate Professor of Law at USI and Director IDUSI  


The following speakers will take the floor:  

  • Raffaella Scarpa, Associate Professor of Italian Linguistics at the University of Turin and President of the research group "Remedia - lingua medicina malattia".   
  • Grazia Mannozzi, Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Insubria and Member of the Working Group on Restorative Justice at the Legislative Office of the Ministry of Justice (Italy)    
  • Chiara Orelli Vassere, Institutional Coordinator of Domestic Violence at the Division of Justice  
  • Pepita Vera Conforti, Lecturer of the module "Gender issues" at the Journalism Course of Southern Switzerland and Member of the network  


Moderator: Sara Greco, Associate Professor of Argumentation at USI and Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society.