Journal of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

The Faculty, together with the SGKM/SSCM (The Swiss Society for Communication and Media Sciences), promotes the dissemination of research results and reflections about the communication sciences by means of the journal “Studies in Communication Sciences”. The journal stands out for its interdisciplinary approach to communication phenomena which is able to do justice to their complexity and to their cultural, social and economic relevance.

The journal sets out to be a forum for scientific dialogue and is the concern above all of the institutes and of the Faculty’s other research organisations, whilst being equally open to the wider Swiss and international scientific community.

All articles are peer reviewed according to criteria of originality, scientific rigour, relevance and importance.

The journal hosts not only individual contributors from the various areas of the communication sciences, but also monographic sections devoted to bringing specific topics into sharp focus. The journal also publishes special volumes entirely devoted to individual topic areas.


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