Research at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society at a glance

The research carried out at the  Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society involves a wide range of disciplines in humanities and social sciences, from philosophy to marketing. It focuses on three crucial aspects of human experience: communication, culture and society.

The interrelationship between communication, culture and society is integrated in particular with reference to the three challenges of today and tomorrow:

Research at the Faculty is defined by and interdisciplinary approach, drawing mainly on nine major areas of study and research: 

  • Corporate and Institutional Communication
  • Digital technologies for communication
  • Health Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Italian Language, Literature and Culture
  • Linguistics and Rhetoric
  • Marketing
  • Media and Journalism
  • Philosophy

The institutes supported by the Faculty are the place where the research is carried out and where Swiss and international research projects are developed. 



    Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication (ITDxC)

    Visualized relationships

    Taking and sending or uploading pictures has become a natural everyday routine for many people. In recent years, this ubiquity of visual communication and photo sharing have been critically discussed. However, the actual contexts and meanings of pictures in social relationships have not been examined adequately, yet. Against this background, the project Visualize relationships - function and problems, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), investigates the role of everyday visual communication in romantic partnerships and in close friend relationships in Switzerland. More information

    Image: Duncan Hull (modified), CC BY 2.0 


    Studies in Communication Sciences 

    In order to guarantee dissemination and promotion of the results and discussion topics that involve the  Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society directly, the international publication Studies in Communication Sciences was created. The magazine presents high quality articles in all areas of communication, from linguistics to communication technologies, from corporate communication to mass communication, from sociology to psychology.