Tutoring at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

At the beginning of the academic year 2008/09, the  Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society introduced a tutoring service under the responsibility of Dean and trusted to the Study Delegate. Through this service, a student may request a tutor to help with the organization of exams, regarding the preparation, terms, conditions and other aspects of the chosen curriculum. The study delegate can also assign a tutor to students who have failed several exams repeatedly or who need assistance for planning their study programme due to particular circumstances (e.g. return after longer period of absence due to health problems or care duties).

Tutors will be assigned from the Faculty Council and the Post-doctorate Assistants and will have two different roles:

  • Trainer (e.g., suggesting ways to improve the student's performance)
  • Advisor (e.g., illustrating and explaining different options to the student according to their choices)

At any moment during the course of the academic year, the student can choose to take on this tutoring service. From that moment a member of the faculty body is assigned until the end of the course of study. To request the tutoring service, please e-mail [email protected]. The student will then receive the name of the tutor assigned for the first appointment.

In general, the tutoring sessions will not be more than twice per semester. Exceptions can be made between tutors and students. During the session, problems will be discussed, questions will be answered and students will be encouraged to improve their academic performance. The tutoring service is only related to academic issues.

The tutor advises, directs and helps the students to make choices and is sensitive to problems that might arise during the course of study.

The tutor's responsibility is to guide the students in choosing the right curriculum of studies that is in their best interest. The students will receive help in deciding upon the topics for their thesis and their thesis supervisor.

In order for this programme to be successful, there must be a mutual effort: the professors respect the students that volunteer for the service, and the students respect the professors who have committed themselves to the project. Confidentiality between tutor and student is guaranteed.


For more information, please write to [email protected]