Library Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

The library services and materials related to study subjects of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society are available at the Lugano campus university library:


The library has - among other features - a series of multimedia tools and a large section of periodicals. Users have access to PCs with Internet access, various individual study areas and photocopiers.

Where is the library?

The Lugano campus university library is building number 6 on the map below.

The other buildings are:

1. Main Building
2. Red Building
3. Informatics Building (Black Building)
4. Auditorium
5. Aula magna
7. Lab
8. Blue Building
9. Lambertenghi Building
10. Maderno Building
11. Balestra Building
12. Villa Saroli
13. Lugano East Campus - construction site

Campus Lugano 1