Fashion, Sport, and Tourism

Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication

Date: 29 November 2023 / 18:00 - 20:00

Villa Heleneum, Bally Foundation

The event will be devoted to the discussion of three emblematic places of modernity and contemporaneity - “Fashion, Sport, and Tourism”,  their deep connections, and their co-evolution in recent decades. Particular attention will be dedicated to the brand of Bally, which played an important and, in many cases, a pioneering role. 

Interventions by:

  • Nicolas Girotto, CEO Bally
  • Massimo Boni, Direttore Lugano Region
  • Lorenzo Cantoni, USI (Switzerland)
  • Nadzeya Sabatini, USI (Switzerland) and Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
  • Patricia San Miguel, Universitad de Navarra (Spain)
  • Alessandro Tosi, Università di Pisa (Italy)

During this evening two recently published volumes will be presented:

The event is organized by USI’s Master in Digital Fashion Communication and Master in International Tourism.