Two Olschki collections for the Institute of Italian Studies


Institutional Communication Service

13 November 2017

The USI Institute of Italian Studies (ISI), founded by initiative of Carlo Ossola and supported by the Foundation for the Development of USI, has agreed to an important editorial partnership with the prestigious Italian publishing house Leo S. Olschki.

The collaboration will see the publication of various books divided into two series: "Officina", which will collect the most innovative Master's theses or Doctorate dissertations by young researchers at ISI; "Biblioteca", which will propose unpublished or long out of print works of particular cultural relevance. The first publications are, in the former series, “Pirandello e i moralisti classici. Erasmo, Montaigne, Pascal”, by Daria Farafonova; and, in the latter series, “Contributo ad una estetica della forma”, a graduate thesis on the great art historian Eugenio Battisti, and the essay “Del vento e delle comete” by the seventeenth-century astronomer Ovidio Montalbani, edited by Linda Biselo.

ISI Director Stefano Prandi, explains the sense of this partnership: “a true rediscovery of traditions always involves a careful analysis of the past, with the purpose to examine the present and to look into the future: such is the necessary premise that allows a community to recognise itself and to establish a clear cultural identity”.

A detailed presentation of the collections are available at: