Galileo and the ellipses

Galileo Galilei (Wikimedia Commons)
Galileo Galilei (Wikimedia Commons)

Institutional Communication Service

28 November 2017

Although Galileo has played such decisive role in the birth of the mathematical approach to physics, he never took into consideration Kepler’s astronomical discoveries. Is there a reason why this occurred? Perhaps it is related to his enthusiasm for Ariosto and his hostility towards Tasso?

USI Rector Prof. Boas Erez and Prof. Giacomo Jori of the Institute of Italian Studies will engage in a conversation about these unusual questions, which will form the basis for the new encounter of rectoverso entitled «Galileo and the ellipses». The lecture will be held in Italian on Tuesday, December 12 at 5.30pm in the Lugano campus auditorium.

As metaphorically suggested by its name, the series rectoverso aims at sharing the diverse perspectives of interpreting realities that USI can offer, many of which are closely related to each other, like pages of tales about current events in everyday life.