"There is more than one Internet"

Un'architettura di rete. Immagine di S. D. Strowes
Un'architettura di rete. Immagine di S. D. Strowes" CC BY-SA 2.0

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11 December 2017

"There is more than one Internet": this is the basic idea behind the international conference Computer Networks Histories (CNH): Local, National and Transnational Perspectives, organised by the Institute of Media and Journalism and the USI China Media Observatory of the Faculty of Communication Sciences in cooperation with the Association of History and Informatics (AHI) and www.Infoclio.ch.

The conference will be held on December 14 and 15 and will bring together scholars and professionals from 7 European countries (Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, England, The Netherlands and Switzerland), and 6 countries outside of Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India and the United States). The aim of the event is to share and discuss the different paths that have led to the development of computer networks in very different geographical and political context.

The objective of the conference is to overcome and challenge the unilateral vision of a single history of the network by proposing a range of experiences at a global level to give new meaning, to explore new paths, and to illustrate the lesser-known ways of computer networks. A critical and multi-faceted insight on The history of networks, essential to understand on the one hand how the cultural, political and social contexts have influenced digitalisation, and on the other hand, to foster an understanding of the current digital landscape, and its risks and contradictions.  

The event is open to the public. Visit www.cnh.usi.ch  to register and view the programme