Training for legal experts at USI continues and extends to the European context

The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland (image by Simone1986, from Wikipedia)
The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland (image by Simone1986, from Wikipedia)

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19 January 2018

Economic, political and cultural relations between Switzerland and the European Union are regulated by a series of bilateral agreements and generate increasingly complex scenarios and critical situations. Finding a solution often requires specific expertise from operators, in particular Federal and Cantonal officials, in a number of fields, among which migration, taxes, judicial cooperation, academic mobility, monetary policy, free movement of persons. To meet these challenges, USI Law Institute (IDUSI) will join a group of Swiss academic institutes from the University of Bern and Lausanne, and participate in the project “Europa Seminare” led by the Europa Institut of Zurich University.

This continuing education programme is commissioned and funded by the Directorate for European Affairs (DEA) at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). It aims at giving its participants – Federal officials, but also Cantonal administrators, who are increasingly affected by the implications of European laws – the legal bases and practical knowledge for a better understanding of European affairs and the development of a bilateral approach. The programme is divided into modules that will be held by Swiss and foreign academics and experts in the field of economy, and the administrative sector. The Europa Seminar series will take place in Berne from March to November 2018, with an extra muros session in Brussels, which will include a visit to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Council.

Training courses for attorneys in Ticino

The USI Law Institute also announces that the second edition of the continuing education programme for attorneys in Ticino will begin on January 25. The programme includes a series of monthly conferences, organised in cooperation with the University of Luzern, and supported by the Canton Ticino Bar Association (OATI), the Justice Division (Department of the Institutions of the Canton Ticino), and from this year, BancaStato, which describes its engagement as being “in line with the public mandate that defines the Institute”. Attorney Renato Cabrini, OATI President, claims to be “glad to welcome once again to Ticino the Professors of the University of Luzern” and urges, “all those involved in the field of law, to take advantage of this training opportunity, which is the result of the new Alpine Railway that brings together the different cultures of our country”. Attorney Frida Andreotti points out that “the Justice Division decided to renew its participation in the programme because of the excellent results obtained from the past edition: a success both in the number of participants and the quality of the training. With this in mind, the 2018 programme can be proud of its rich and diversified content, which will enable those working in the legal sector in Ticino, as well as the legal staff of the Cantonal administration, to further their skills and knowledge on topics related to their field. Continuing education is considered by the Division a crucial aspect to ensure the proper functioning of justice and therefore of the community as a whole”.


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