The University Council renews USI Rector Boas Erez mandate


Institutional Communication Service

30 September 2019

During the session held on Friday, 27 September 2019, the University Council thanked Professor Boas Erez for his work to date and renewed his mandate for the next four years (2020-2023).

The organisational developments carried out under prof. Boas Erez during the last four years have been numerous: the establishment of the Rectorate and of the Senate, the appointment of an Administrative Director, as well as the creation of a Student Association and the introduction of a collective employment agreement for the administrative staff. In addition to these management changes, the operational guidance of the university has been ensured and the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the implementation in 2020 of the Master in Medicine and the new East Campus.

The work of the Rector in the coming years will continue to be decisive for the consolidation of current activities and the development of USI: the university will have to respond to the requirements of federal and cantonal law and of the performance mandate, set the right priorities, establish internal and external alliances to meet the different challenges. The Rector will have to lead USI to the institutional accreditation planned for 2020 and to guarantee high quality and quantity of research, as well as to guarantee innovation and quality of the educational programmes that are offered.

During the last four years Prof. Erez was assisted in his work by Secretary General Albino Zgraggen, who ceased his activity as he reached retirement age as of June 2019, and since July 2017 by the Administrative Director Cristina Largader. During this last meeting the University Council appointed as new Secretary General Giovanni Zavaritt.