Master Meetings - Autumn Semester

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The various Master Meetings offer the opportunity to follow lectures together with the current master students.
Guided by a USI student, prospect students can visit the campus and make up their mind as to whether the contents correspond to their study ambitions.​


Date Master
18.11.2019 Economia e politiche internazionali
19.11.2019 Digital Fashion Communication
  International Tourism
  Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana
  Marketing and Transformative Economy
  Media Management
  Public Management and Policy
20.11.2019 Finance
21.11.2019 Corporate Communication
25.11.2019 Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication
27.11.2019 Artificial Intelligence
  Communication, Management and Health
  Computational Science
  Financial Technology and Computing
  Management and Informatics
  Software and Data Engineering
28.11.2019 Financial Communication

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