The 24th Dies academicus is a video online


Institutional Communication Service

9 May 2020

The 24th Dies academicus of Università della Svizzera italiana has been held online for the first time. Thanks to this new format, the University took the opportunity to convey a vaster array of voices and faces than those normally featured in the celebration of the Dies held in person. The video that was produced - available at the bottom of this page - is an ensemble of the energy that USI has in store for the next four years, told through the voices of those who, every day, are committed to the development of our projects.

The annual ritual of the Dies has been observed and it unfolds between official greetings, speeches and honours. It can be followed all at once, without interruptions, or by skipping from one part of the ceremony to the other according to the markers proposed:

  • 1:06 Welcome of Rector Boas Erez and Monica Duca Widmer, President of the University Council.
  • 4:13 Greetings from the Vice-President of the State Council and Director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Manuele Bertoli and from the Director of the Department of finance and economy Christian Vitta.
  • 8:45 Planning in time of crisis
  • 21:41 The energy of USI through the faces of those who, every day, are committed to the development of their projects
  • 26:28 USIxTE (USI4YOU)
  • 29:49 Honours
  • 39:45 Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 for students affected by the consequences of COVID-19

The press kit attached to this page contains a detailed description.

Il XXIV Dies academicus dell'USI in versione integrale