Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 - For students impacted by COVID-19


Institutional Communication Service

11 May 2020

Our students are our most valuable asset. Ensuring that they are well prepared for their future is our responsibility. Unfortunately, at the moment many families are suffering from the economic and social repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The future of several current and future USI students is at risk and for some of them it might not be possible to continue their studies or to enroll for the new academic year. Their path towards the future. To support them we have set up a solidarity fund, to which we can all contribute.

As stated in the video message of USI Rector Boas Erez (available at the bottom of this page) with the fundraising campaign "Our students, your university", the Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 will be set up with the aim of increasing the number of scholarships available to USI students, thus helping a larger number of students in need. Never before have scholarships played such an important role. As it should be, the USI community is and will be the first to take concrete action. An internal campaign is already underway, which will allow to automatically donate part of the salary, as well as making a free donation.

The amount raised through the solidarity fund will be transferred entirely to USI Bachelor and Master's students, who are currently enrolled or will begin in September 2020, in the form of scholarships that will cover the semester fees. Compared to the scholarships already in place, the Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 will be awarded by taking into greater consideration economic criteria, so that these precious resources can be directed to those in financial distress.


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Solidarity Scholarships Fund 2020 Boas Erez, Rettore Università della Svizzera italiana