A welcome "lounge", with the Corporation and associations


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20 September 2020

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 and 16 September, the Student Corporation organised a series of welcome activities on Lugano campus to allow new and returning students to meet and get to know the students' associations active at USI: through different thematic "islands" and a series of short leisure activities, students were able to enjoy a sip from the region, take a souvenir photo, test their performance, try their luck, binge read, challenge their classmates, discover some music, play with words and let themselves be inspired by words.

The 'Lounge' of the students' associations", involved almost all the student associations active at USI and was carried out in compliance with the measures of protection against COVID-19 which included, among other things, a widespread placement of the stands, sanitisers and masks (mandatory for some activities) and the extensive presence of signs inviting to comply with the provisions of USI and in particular to maintain a safe distance and avoid crowding.


A sip from the region: a tribute to USI volunteers

The United Students association, in collaboration with the ACE Swiss association, has offered a refreshing drink typical of our region: the gazzosa, in its traditional versions with lemon or tangerine. As an alternative to soda, it was possible to try another local product, the Olivone herbal tea. A way to welcome the entire student community in Ticino in a sip.

This peculiar "buvette" was sponsored by the Student Corporation as a homage to the group of USI volunteers, students and collaborators who, during the most acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ticino, took action to help the community.


Wheel of Fortune

United Students also proposed a wheel of fortune: students put their faith in the arms of the blindfolded Goddess to win a t-shirt designed by a young artist from the region, Elmo's, or a gadget signed USI.


Binge reading...

The associations Il Letterificio, Ratio and LPU - Law and Politics in USI each presented their own reading suggestions, in a "Park and Read" style station: ranging from Karl Marx to Bertrand Russell, from Charles Baudelaire to George Orwell, from Giacomo Leopardi to Pier Paolo Pasolini.

... and words to be inspired by

The "Park and Read" set up by the Corporation in collaboration with Il Letterificio, Ratio and LPU has been enriched with about thirty quotes, scattered around the location and chosen by the three associations. Thanks to the proposals of the three associations students were able to reflect and - perhaps - be inspired by the words of Aristotle, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Foster Wallace, Ludwig Wittgenstein, John M. Keynes, Albert Einstein, Daniel Pennac, ...

Students were also able to put an "analog" like and vote for their favorite among a narrow selection of quotes: the winner is a phrase by Jordan B. Peterson, "First tidy up your room, then change the world.

Discover all the quotes chosen by the associations


A souvenir photo

In order to present the ACE Swiss association, the Corporation set up a "photobooth" animated and transformed with great care in a "place of summer" by the members of ACE Swiss.

Find out more about the station
Follow ACE Swiss


Three ways to test your performance

With the aim of promoting sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle, the Military Association of Universities in Ticino - Mil@UniTi - has challenged students with three tests borrowed from recruitment: long jump from a standing position, balance on one leg and throwing a 2kg ball from a sitting position.

Playing soccer and ping pong...

United Students offered the opportunity to compete in five-a-side foosball, while the Corporation provided a ping pong table as a second activity to present ACE Swiss.

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... but also with words and two classics games

A "magnetic poetry" station, has allowed the Corporation to present an association that uses words as its mean, L'Universo. Students were able to play with words, creating reflections and short essays. An example? "Courage, summer, burn! Outside there is the wind, autumn without hugs, in front of fog".

By providing two classics of the game that somehow recall some dynamics observable in the world of finance and economics, Jenga and Mikado, the Corporation presented the World of Finance Association.

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To the rhythm of music

The USI Voices association oversaw the soundtrack of the event: a playlist to boost spirits, accompanied by a "top ten" of songs to listen to on the first day of university.

A warm thank you to...

In addition to the contribution of the Corporation and the commitment and contribution made by the associations mentioned, the "'Lounge of the students' associations" was made possible thanks to

  • Città di Lugano (deckchair loan)
  • Dick & Sons SA (pallet loan)
  • USI Logistics (material lending, support)
  • USI Sports service (material loan)
  • Giacomo Timpanaro, USI (organisation)
  • USI Institutional communication service (concept, graphics, organisation)

We would also like to thank the Pro-rector of Education and Students' Experience and the Administrative Management for endorsing the event and the suppliers Cochi SA (soft drinks) and Fotoböxli KLG (photobooth).