Social media burst during the pandemic "mind the right to be offline"

(Foto di Edward Jenner, da Pexels)
(Foto di Edward Jenner, da Pexels)

Institutional Communication Service

12 October 2020

The pandemic has drastically changed our technological habits, pushing even the most sceptical and the over 55 crowd to look for new ways to socialise online. This trend sees us immersed in a digital world made up of apps, social networks and feelings shared through the screen. How can we read this change without forgetting that sometimes being offline is our right? On Cooperazione an exhaustive interview with Prof. Katharina Lobinger.

According to Katharina Lobinger, Assistant Professor for online communication at USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society "a person must be free to choose, always and in any case" whether to stay on or offline. For this reason" she adds, "an analogical alternative to technology should always be provided [...] The challenge for society is to find a balance between what is online and what is offline".

However, according to Katharina Lobinger, there is a need for clear information to avoid the increase of digital divide, because "when people understand that a technological innovation can make life easier and risk-free, they are reassured and become familiar with the new means".


You can find the full interview with Professor Katharina here: