Swiss Art, Architecture and Criticism Prize, edition, exhibitions 2021


Institutional Communication Service

30 November 2020

Registration is open for the Swiss Art, Architecture and Criticism Competition, edition, exhibitions 2021, promoted by the Federal Office of Culture. The competition is open to artists, architects, art critics and exhibition curators of Swiss nationality or resident in Switzerland.

Candidates wishing to participate can apply and submit their portfolios by 10 December 10 2020, following the instructions available at this link.

People currently registered with an institution of artistic or architectural education cannot take part in the competition. In view of the diploma, however, students of our Academy of Architecture can begin to become acquainted with this competition, which may represent a future opportunity to present their work on the national and international scene.

The competition takes place in two rounds. In the first round, participants submit a portfolio to the committee, which will then select the candidates for the next phase. The jury's decision will be communicated at the end of February 2021. In the second round, the selected candidates will be asked to document their work in the context of the exhibition "Swiss Art Awards" which will take place in June in Basel during Art Basel.

The information required for the nomination can be detailed. It is therefore recommended to start the procedure in advance.

All information regarding the Swiss Art Competition can be found on the relevant page on the website of the Federal Office of Culture.