A call from the Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation


Institutional Communication Service

2 December 2019

The Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation is calling the public and private sector and citizens to help the city of Venice, a World Heritage Site, hit by a violent flood that is still causing considerable damage, given the persistence of high water. One of the Foundation's partners is the UNESCO Chair of USI, which shares the call to support the city and its lagoon city in this emergency.

Pro Venezia was founded in 1972 to help Venice, which in 1966 was facing an emergency similar to the present one. In response to the call from UNESCO and the Council of Europe, the Federal Council decided to set up a foundation to raise funds to help the city and support the restoration of its cultural heritage and repair the damage.

For years Pro Venezia has continued to promote restoration work and at the same time pursues the aim of promoting and enhancing the cultural relationship between Switzerland and Italy. In 2014, the webatelier.net laboratory of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at USI, in collaboration with the Fondazione Svizzera Pro Venezia and the UNESCO Chair of USI, created the first online platform of the Foundation (www.provenezia.ch) with the aim of presenting its history and the activities dedicated to the recovery and conservation of Venice's artistic heritage to the public.


Attached, the call by the Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation with further information.