Energy plan: the savings measures


Institutional Communication Service

24 October 2022

USI has introduced a number of energy-saving measures. The measures are temporary and in line with the main provisions issued by the Federal Council and the State Council of Canton Ticino to address the energy shortage.

The main measures:

  • Lower temperatures in buildings and areas that allow it: the temperature will be set at 20° C in offices and classrooms, 19° C in the hallways and laboratories where people move around. It is estimated that lowering the temperature by 1° C will result in savings of up to 10%.
  • Further lowering of night and weekend temperatures to 17/18° C where possible
  • Hot water will be shut off where not essential
  • Reduction of nighttime lighting
  • Partial closure of underutilised spaces


Every member of the academic community is invited to help reduce energy consumption by adopting the following behaviours:

  • Turn off non-essential lights
  • Limit the use of elevators
  • Limit the use of unnecessary electrical appliances (coffee makers, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles) and avoid using personal devices
  • Properly ventilate rooms with timely air changes, and do not leave windows open or tilted
  • After each class: turn off the control board, beamer, PC, monitor
  • Every evening: set thermostats to the minimum setting (1-2), close windows and any blinds, and turn off standby equipment (monitors, PCs, copiers, coffee machines, etc.)


Other timely measures will be introduced progressively by infrastructure managers:

  • Temperature optimisation of cooling machines (technical server rooms, telecom, controlled archives).
  • Turn off ventilation monoblocks during idle or lower occupancy hours
  • Turn off lights and fan coils during idle or lower occupancy hours
  • Where appropriate, installation of motion detector lights where not already present (bathrooms, hallways)