Digital Point: USI students at the service of the territory


Institutional Communication Service

28 November 2022

Offering free assistance in dealing with small, everyday tasks - such as buying a train or show ticket online or using e-payment applications - to those unfamiliar with computers, cell phones, tablets and the Internet. This experimental project began in November 2022 and features student volunteers from USI Bachelor in Communication who put their skills at the service of those in need.

A growing number of everyday services are digital and available only online: sometimes, this can become a barrier for those who have difficulties in their daily digital use. To overcome these obstacles, the Sociality Department of the City of Lugano and Lugano Living Lab, in collaboration with USI, has developed the "Digital Point" in Pregassona. The project will be shaped by the needs expressed by users, and digital assistance will be provided by student volunteers enrolled in the Bachelor of Communication Sciences who will lend their time by helping users solve everyday situations that may arise. In addition, students will be able to earn training credits as part of the Skills courses provided for the Bachelor's degree in Communication and gain experience in intercultural and intergenerational communication.