Immagini in questione, the cultural project of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society


Institutional Communication Service

6 March 2023

The Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society's cultural project 2022-24 gets underway. After a first meeting held at the end of January with a keynote lecture by Professor Kevin B. Lee, Locarno Film Festival Professor for the Future of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (see video), on Wednesday, 8 March at 5:30 pm in room A31 a plenary assembly will take place in which the topics will be presented, and working groups will be formed. The meeting will end at around 7 pm and is open to members of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and the entire academic community.

The title of the cultural project is 'Immagini in questione' (questioning images). Humanity has always had a close relationship with images: today, however, their presence is particularly pervasive and deserves to be analysed by bringing together different disciplines and skills. Today, images appear from the screens of devices from which we are, to all intents and purposes, inseparable; they are produced by video-surveillance circuits that are now able to recognise us individually; transmitted by tiny probes, radiation or echoes, they offer us unprecedented and often disturbing visions of our bodies. Economically and socially, as a referral to 'another' object, images are now actual objects of consumption and sale. Images are also tools and methods of research, from the visual design of big data (also in the field of digital humanities) to the practices of visual anthropology, to the adoption of video-essay as a research communication tool.

The following themes have been identified. Each will be developed by a working group and discussed during plenary assemblies: the image factory; images that include/exclude; image and corporeity; image and temporality. At the end of the two years, a joint project is foreseen, accompanied by a specific action on social media.


The contact person is Marco Maggi, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society:
[email protected]