USI Academic Senate agenda


Institutional Communication Service

17 April 2023

The deadline for submitting your candidature for the USI Academic Senate expires on 6 May 2023 at 11:59 pm.

Applications must be submitted via, which can be accessed with your eduID.

The elections will take place digitally from 9 to 23 May 2023 via the site.

The third term of the Senate, a body established in December 2016 by the University Council to strengthen the cohesion within the University, will reach the end of its two-year term on 31 August 2023. It has been two years of intense work, during which the senators have tackled numerous issues of strategic interest for the life of USI.

The following is a list of the main issues addressed, to which must be added all the appointments, promotions and contract renewals of the academic staff:

  • Reorganisation of continuing education
  • Modification of the FTL affiliation application
  • Work plan of the Quality Culture Commission
  • Amendments to the PhD guidelines of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
  • Regulations for a new CAS with ESO
  • Student proposal for a 'summer semester
  • Approval of the Study Plan 2022/23
  • Ethics committees: international framework and possible developments
  • Work of the Research Commission 
  • Regulation for new CAS Gynaecological Cancer (with ESO) and Regulation for new CAS Prostate Cancer (with ESO) 
  • Budget 2022
  • Work of the Commission for Quality Culture and Accreditation Process 
  • Decisions of the Student Body 
  • Proposed amendment to the Statutes: Senate notice on the appointment of the Rector 
  • Procedures for managing reputational risks 
  • Smoke-free campus proposal
  • House of Sustainability Project
  • Composition and work plan of the Interfaculty Commission for the preparation of the Budget 
  • Composition and work plan of the Commission on the contents of the Code of Ethics
  • Doctoral programmes supported by several faculties 
  • Ways of involving the Senate in the process of updating the legal bases 
  • Research Commission: proposal for the allocation of USI doc mobility grants and update on work 
  • Participation of students and the intermediate body in the work of notice committees 
  • Proposal to update the Senate Rules of Procedure relating to the process of convening meetings
  • Involvement of the Senate in the Rector's appointment process
  • Involvement of the Senate in the process of appointment of the Director of Operations/Director of Operations
  • Senate involvement in decision-making processes and collaboration between the Senate and the University Council
  • Approval of the Study Plan 2023-24
  • Systematisation process
  • New organisational chart
  • Research Commission proposal for the allocation of mobility grants
  • Quality Commission
  • Senate Legal Bases Commission
  • Update of the designation of titles conferred by 7 master's degrees 
  • Presidential office: appointment of a new Faculty representative 
  • Information on the 2023 Budget 
  • Update of the USI Statutes concerning the new organisation chart 
  • Towards Senate reform: Report of the working group 
  • End of the legislature and next Senate elections 
  • Process of sharing with the CU the Protocols of decisions and minutes of the Senate 
  • Regulations on the remuneration and teaching load of academic staff: results of consultation  
  • Regulation of studies of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences: amendments 
  • Regulation of doctoral studies of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences: amendments 
  • Regulation of doctoral studies of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society: amendments 
  • Inclusion of intermediate and student body representatives in the Advisory Boards 
  • Renaming of 5 Master's degrees