PhD study regulations and guidelines Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society


Documents for the application to the Ph.D. (Documents are to be sent online. Subsequently they will be required in paper form)

  • Application and acceptance procedure (pdf)
  • Ph.D. application form (pdf)
  • A Curriculum Vitae fully documenting higher education
  • A copy of the Master’s diploma (or other equivalent degree), and a full transcript of examination results with the indication of the final Master score
  • At least one letter of recommendation from academic tutors or other experts in the sector
  • A preliminary outline of the research project approved and signed by a Faculty professor willing to act as thesis supervisor
  • A brief statement describing the objectives that inspired the decision to undertake Ph.D studies
  • Declaration of honesty
  • Picture of you, standard size (in Jpeg format)
  • It is part of the application documents, the report with the result of the interview held in accordance with art. 8.2 of the Regulations for the Degree of Ph.D. in the presence of the professor interested in following the project and of a second professor of the Faculty, other than the future Thesis Director. The report is sent by the second professor to the Doctoral College, who then informs the candidate of the outcome. The report is prepared according to these guidelines (pdf).


Documents and guidelines for the submission of the Ph.D. thesis


Annual activity report (to send each year by the 30th of September as specified in the Ph.D program of the study)