Next door giants


Institutional Communication Service

6 April 2018

The Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACMR) has been promoting since 1974 the dialogue in the field of communication and media sciences, including its practical applications. On April 12 and 13 the 280 members of the association (scholars, professors in continuing education, and experts) will convene on Lugano campus for the conference “Next door giants: exploring Media, Languages, Cultures and Borders in Switzerland and Europe” hosted by USI Faculty of Communication Sciences.

The conference will examine the main challenges in communication and media at both national and European level, including issues of multiculturalism, multilingualism, the relationship between media, diplomacy and global political affairs, and also cultural identity and boundaries in the internet age. Among the main speakers, Gilles Kepel, Maurizio Canetta, Marcello Foa, and Stephanie Grubenmann. The conference mirrors the new approach adopted by the Faculty, which is increasingly opening towards a debate that includes not only communication itself, but also culture and society.

Some sessions are open to journalists upon registration at [email protected]
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