Family businesses - challenges, duties and rights


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11 May 2018

Family businesses, which are the most widespread form of enterprise around the world, represent almost 80% of the entire business activity in Switzerland and just over 60% in Ticino, thus confirming their key role for the economy of the country. These companies, which in Ticino are mostly small to medium sized, are however increasingly under pressure to address the new challenges set by the global economy, defined by fierce international competition and constant uncertainty. Furthermore, these businesses need to address, on the one hand, the classic issue of succession among controlling family members and, on the other, the series constraints imposed by the legal system

Today’s entrepreneurs need to address each challenge in coordinated fashion, with a keen eye on the overall picture. To help them be better acquainted with some of the main legal aspects peculiar to family businesses, the Association of Family Businesses Ticino (Associazione Imprese Familiari Ticino, AIF-Ticino) and the USI Institute of Law (IDUSI) have organized a series of Seminars on Family Business Law. The four sessions, which are open to the public, will focus on a few of the most discussed legal issues related to the multidimensional nature of family businesses, realities in which aspects related to family, ownership and management intertwine and overlap, and which are governed by different institutional principles and regulatory frameworks, but also by different psychological and emotional references. 

The series of four seminars will kick-off on May 15, at 5PM, at the USI Lugano campus, and will see the contributions of four legal counsels, academics and practitioners, who will interact with entrepreneurs and business professionals on theoretical and practical aspects, as well as with the audience. 

The seminars are Italian-spoken. Full program attached.

Free admittance. For information: [email protected]