At the roots of tango


Institutional Communication Service

14 May 2018

Tango is one of the many examples of the complex relationships between local and global culture. 'Contaminated' at the outset, it has evolved constantly through its widespread popularity, reflecting the sensibilities of artists, periods and people who deal and live with it. 

The concert-event “Alle radici del tango” (Thursday, May 31, at 6PM in the “Sala musica” at the Studio Foce Lugano) will see flutist Luisa Sello and pianist María Dolores Gaitá will recount and illustrate – through the music – the evolution of tango. Through to the interplay of speeches and listening, the event offers a different perspective on the cultures and society of our time. 

The two artists will show how the concepts of local and global can deceive: the tango dance was, already in 19th century Argentina, a “hybrid”, even though it was interpreted only as the expression of a local culture and a marginal social class. Through its spreading popularity in other countries, tango becomes a global phenomenon and, because of such expansion, is declined in various ways. In essence, by going global, tango ‘localises’. 

The event is the first in the series "Arti in Azienda" (Arts in the Business World), which revisits the contemporary challenges of communication and marketing (globalization, sustainability, vulnerability, etc.) through the artistic idiom. The series is organized by the USI Faculty of Communication Sciences within the activities of its Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy, with the support of the Events and Congresses Division of the City of Lugano. At the end of the concert, the artists will offer a moment of interaction with the audience. 

Free admittance, but seats are limited.
Reservations by May 30 at: [email protected] (tel: 058 866 48 00) For full details on the Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy: