The number of Bachelor and Master students has grown


Institutional Communication Service

17 December 2018

USI announces the figures for the academic year 2018-2019: Bachelor and Master students grew by 117 units and they are now 2463. The number of PhD students remains constant (272), a key factor in preserving the vitality of the scientific research carried out at the university.

The students enrolled at USI are divided as follows: 28% study Architecture, 30% Economics, 27% Communication, 13% Informatics and 2% Biomedicine. Regarding the country of origin, the figures are similar to the previous years: 28% comes from Ticino, 7% from other Swiss Cantons, 47% from Italy, and 18% from other countries.

The total of students enrolled at USI (including those in continuing education) remains substantially steady at 2815. This stability is due - despite the growth in Bachelor and Master programmes- to a rationalisation process in the continuing education sector, which led to the suspension of two programmes for professionals and the shift of the start of a third.

In a nutshell, the academic year had a positive outcome in terms of basic education: in particular, there has been an increase in the number of new students enrolled in the two-year Master's programmes (+49 compared to the previous academic year) thanks to the most recent programmes that successfully focus on innovative and cross-cutting market segments.