The intensification of reality


Institutional Communication Service

25 May 2020

We have reached the tenth and final conversation proposed by the Institute of Italian Studies, which has made it possible to transform into an opportunity for reflection - through journeys in the world of literature, art and history - the particular moment we are still living. The poetess Antonella Anedda, lecturer at the Institute of Italian Studies, speaks about poetry, which does not console and does not impose itself, but rather intensifies reality.

Anedda recites a poem by Li Bai known in the West as Li Po, one of the greatest authors of the Tang Dynasty and of all Chinese literature, who was born in 701 and died in 792 AD. Thorough the verses it is possible to understand the reasons behind this choice with respect to the problems we are facing. Li Po speaks about our daily life, he places in front of the reader a glass of wine, loneliness, the moon, without need of ornament, with a clear and current language that reaches us through the centuries.


The intensification of reality