95 Solidarity Scholarships have been awarded thanks to your generosity


Institutional Communication Service

31 August 2020

In April, in the middle of a pandemic, USI decided to take action to help students who were suffering the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 emergency. From the very beginning, it became clear that for some people the possibility of continuing (or starting) their studies was at risk. To support them, the university set up a solidarity fund and launched a fundraiser. Thanks to the generosity of those who work at USI and outside donors, 170,000 CHF was raised. This amount made it possible to assign 95 scholarships to 78 students on Lugano campus and 17 on Mendrisio campus.

Over the past few weeks, the Scholarships Working Party has carefully analysed all the applications received - about 320 applications - and defined the possible support based on the resources collected. It was considered essential to support students enrolled at USI, so as not to put them in the severe condition of having to interrupt their studies. Also taken into account was the age of the candidates, grades, family income and the financial impact of COVID-19. The grants consist of a 50% reduction in the semester registration fee (1,000 CHF for Swiss residents and 2,000 CHF for international students).

The Honorary Committee composed of Manuele Bertoli (State Councillor, Director DECS), Carlo Croci (Chairman of Raiffeisen Mendrisio e Valle di Muggio, honorary member of USI), Marco Fantoni (Director Caritas Ticino), Stefano Modenini (Director AITI) and Daniela Mondini (Pro-rector for equal opportunities at USI) then ratified the proposals of the Working Party, ensuring compliance with the Regulation and awarding the 95 scholarships.

One-third of the students who have applied for the scholarship will receive the support needed with this first fundraising campaign. To help those who have not obtained a Solidarity Grant, USI is looking at the support of other Foundations/financing bodies and offering temporary work opportunities to be carried out in conjunction with their academic career at USI.

The University thanks all those who have donated, and intends to take immediate action to increase the total number of scholarships to assist its students in facing other foreseeable difficulties due to the COVID-19 emergency. More information and regulations


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