New measures to help manage the health crisis

Obligation to wear a sanitary mask in the common indoor areas
Obligation to wear a sanitary mask in the common indoor areas

Institutional Communication Service

15 October 2020

The protection provisions have been updated starting Thursday, October 15. The obligation to wear a sanitary mask in the common indoor areas has come into force on all USI campuses in Lugano and Mendrisio. In all other areas, the mask remains mandatory if the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we all must wear masks - always and in any case - in the study areas, when passing through the hallways, in the lavatories, when going to class (or the office) and when leaving the classroom, on the stairs, in the lifts, ... . In spaces with specific functions such as cafeterias or libraries, specific rules will be indicated on site. In the common outdoor areas, the recommendation to keep the minimum distance between people of 1.5 m and to avoid the gatherings remains valid.

The measure was decided by the Rectorate, with the support of the USI Management Committee, to contribute to a serene atmosphere, in the name of an attentive and at the same time reasonable approach, which the Rector summed up in his message to the academic community (click here for the full text): "We must neither take the situation lightly nor panic".

To date, the situation at USI is not yet problematic. However, around us, the spread of COVID-19 and the related anxiety is increasing. It is a factor that needs to be taken into account. In this context, explains Rector Prof. Boas Erez, the right thing to do for the University "I believe in an approach that is vigilant and adopted progressively, to support the efforts of the cantonal and federal authorities. In other words, we must encourage behaviours that respect the official protection provisions, adapting them to our specificities, so that we can continue to carry out our mission.".

In this framework, extending the obligation of wearing a mask to the common indoor areas in all circumstances is a contribution towards greater clarity and harmony.

The effort to control the spread of the virus directly involves each of us: "the measures introduced on campuses will be ineffective if associated with irresponsible behaviours off-campus. I, therefore, invite you to remain always vigilant, avoiding taking unnecessary risks, and do not hesitate to write to [email protected] to report that you have been tested positive or if you are in quarantine, even if the authorities are already aware of your situation", concludes Prof. Erez.