The coming of age of USI, the new University Statute is approved


Institutional Communication Service

11 May 2020

On Friday, May 8, the USI Council approved the latest amendments to the new Statute of the University, which took effect on March 20, 2020, and which is available online in the Official documents section.

This is a key milestone in the process of strengthening the governance structure of USI, making it better suited to address the needs for managing a steadily growing and evolving system.

The new Statute – which reflects the changes introduced on December 2019 by the Parliament of the Canton Ticino to the Law on the Università della Svizzera italiana and the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland – formally expresses the new organisation of the University, clearly outlining the competences and responsibilities of its constituents, as well as the central processes through which the University operates and evolves. The result is a more mature University, with a Council focused on high oversight, an inclusive Academic Senate and a decisive part of many central processes, and an executive and well-structured Rectorate.

The drafting of the document, a task which was not a mere update but a comprehensive rewriting of 12 sections and 62 articles, is the result of a constructive dialogue between the USI Council, the Rectorate and the Academic Senate.

The new Statute is the cornerstone of a project for an overall review of the legal framework of USI, an endeavour that will continue with a second phase focussing on defining the Regulations of the central bodies.