Ten questions you never dared to ask a bank CEO

Patrick Coggi CEO di Banca Arner
Patrick Coggi CEO di Banca Arner

Institutional Communication Service

10 April 2018

The Master in Financial Communication announces the second conference of the Financial Communication Brownbag Series, which focuses on potential jobs in the field of financial communication. The event is open to the public and will be held on Tuesday, April 17 at 12:30pm in room A13, on Lugano campus. Since the conference will be held at lunchtime a “brownbag” lunch will be offered to all participants.

The conference “Le 10 domande che non hai mai osato chiedere al CEO di una banca” (ten questions you never dared to ask a bank CEO), will feature Patrick Coggi, CEO of Banca Arner (a private bank based in Lugano, also active in Zurich, in the field of financial consulting and asset management). The event will be an open dialogue with the audience starting from a series of questions prepared by the students.

Before becoming CEO at Banca Arner, Patrick Coggi worked at a Swiss bank as the Head of the department of quantitative analysis, financial engineering, and product development.  He was also hedge fund manager and consultant for private clients and large companies. Coggi taught bachelor classes at London School of Economics and was a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics at University of St. Gallen where he earned a Ph.D. He taught risk management classes at the Centro di Studi Bancari, and he is currently Professor of International Finance and Economics at Franklin University.


The MSc in Financial Communication

The MSc in Financial Communication is offered jointly by the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Communication Sciences. It offers students the unique opportunity to acquire an integrated set of competences, including financial, communicative and legal knowledge, strongly and increasingly required in the financial sector. The recent financial crisis has created new challenges for banks, business companies and market operators, who are expected to master, besides a solid financial background, also strong capacities in communicating with clients and investors and a mature awareness of the legal framework in which financial services and products are promoted and transactions are negotiated. 

The aim of the Master in Financial Communication is to form specialists operating in the banking sector and in capital markets being able to bridge the information and knowledge gaps between financial experts and lay investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, such specialists will be asked to manage strategically the huge quantity of information so that it can be put "at work" to foster sound investment decisions.

The primary job market for candidates earning this degree are private banking and wealth management, the financial communication area of business enterprises (investor relations…), or consultancy firms.

Master in Financial Communication: https://www.usi.ch/en/node/1138