COVID-19, campus protection provisions and the organisation of the academic semester


Institutional Communication Service

4 April 2022

USI constantly keeps up and complies with the indications of the federal and cantonal authorities on COVID-19. Updated information on campus regulations and semester arrangements can be found on this page.



The Federal Council has decided to revoke the remaining COVID-19 provisions starting 1 April 2022. This means a return to a normal situation, and individual responsibility remains important.

More information on the Federal Council Press release (Italian, German and French only).

For further information, please refer to the page on internal protection provisions.

Here is a summary of how the Spring 2022 semester will be organised:

  • in-person lectures with online sessions if needed;
  • exceptions may be established by the Faculties in agreement with the Pro-Rectorate for Education and Students' Experience;
  • in the classrooms it is still recommended to keep a certain distance between the seats (every other seat);
  • teachers are encouraged to provide support to students who are unable to attend class due to illness. Such support may take the form of lecture registration, as experienced in past semesters;
  • any additional rules can be agreed upon in the event that proven at-risk individuals are present in the classroom;
  • all courses will continue to make extensive use of the iCorsi platform so that the syllabus and materials will be available to all;
  • in the event that significant limitations regarding travel and related quarantines are still in place, USI is committed to supporting those temporarily unable to reach the campuses.

Examination modalities

  • exams of the ordinary session will take place in attendance, according to the modalities provided by the Study Regulations of each Faculty.
  • a doctor's note is required for all absences due to illness. In addition, students who are unable to attend one or more exam sessions because of Covid-related symptoms, have tested positive, or are in isolation may also be considered excused absentees.

Bachelor's and Master's thesis defenses

  • will take place in attendance, according to the modalities provided by the Study Regulations of each Faculty. May take place online if needed.

Individual or group study
Study rooms are accessible