COVID-19, campus protection provisions and the spring semester

Institutional Communication Service

The COVID-19 situation remains uncertain and changing. USI is constantly following and adapting to the recommendations and indications of the federal and cantonal authorities and the coordinating body of the Swiss universities, swissuniversities. This page gives up to date information on the current campus regulations and the course of the semesters.



Loosening of restrictions by the Federal Council came into force on 26 June, and USI has adapted its regulations accordingly.


  • Mandatory in common indoor areas; 
  • Mandatory in offices, open spaces, during meetings and when moving around the premises, at desks, except when it is possible to air the premises and keep a distance of 1.5 metres.



Telecommuting becomes a recommendation (it is no longer mandatory) in all departments where it is possible without unreasonable burden. Arrangements are to be discussed with the head of the service.



The following applies to events with an audience that do not require a COVID certificate.


  • a maximum of two-thirds of the hall capacity; in addition:
  • a maximum of 1000 persons for seated events 
  • a maximum of 250 visitors (indoors), or 500 (outdoors) for standing events.

Indoors, masks are mandatory so is social distancing. 

Further information on public events: FOPH website.



Teaching in attendance is again permitted. The details for the new semester were announced at the end of May:

Other matters are regulated by the Protection Provisions.


Vaccination campaign

The anti-COVID vaccination campaign has entered its final phase. In order to cope with the spread of the new Delta variant, which is more contagious and potentially more dangerous, the declared objective of the Federal Council and the health authorities is to be able to protect as many people with the vaccine as quickly as possible. If this goal were not achieved, there would be a significant risk of the pandemic resuming. USI has decided to relay this message to increase the prospects for a swift return to normalcy, including the full return of university courses in attendance. For further information, the website of the Federal Office of Public Health provides useful information and answers to the most common questions:




Lugano Cafeteria

The West Campus cafeteria in Lugano will remain open until Friday, 4 June. In the second half of August both the West and East Campus cafeterias will reopen. USI has arranged some alternative spaces for meals. In particular, it will be possible to find a place to eat lunch in the basement of the main building in the following classrooms:

  • classroom 150 for academic and administrative staff
  • classrooms 120 and 121 for students


Study spaces

The following classrooms will be available on Lugano campus for individual or small group study:

Lugano, West Campus, study areas and classrooms (only provided there are no classes in progress):- for group work: 121, 128, 130;

  • for silent individual study: 156, 157, 159, 250, 251;
  • for silent individual study (with defined times and days): 355 (on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings) and A33, A34 (Mon-Fri; 8 am - 6 pm);
  • for lunch: 120;

Lugano, East Campus, silent individual study room: D0.04.




Special provisions are in force at the Lugano and Mendrisio campuses to prevent and continue to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Provisions regulate the use of the spaces for a number of different situations, including ordinary activities, meetings, and events.

Read the provisions




USI on the one hand, values in presence learning and university life, on the other hand, it has indeed been successful at organising online courses, taking advantage of opportunities and ensuring a flexible and continuous learning experience.

Teaching and learning in the age of COVID19